Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Birthday Gift

Last year at the Keswick Film Festival we had a sell out when Carl Hunter showed his film 'Grow Your Own' at the Theatre by the lake and ran a Q&A. We invited him back to show it again this year at Keswick Film Festival 12th - 15th Feb at Theatre by the Lake and Alhambra.

He with Frank Cottrell Boyce, the well known script-writer of many films and books are coming to the festival this year and to celebrate our 10th birthday decided to make us a short film.

The short film, made in Keswick started like this, according to Carl:- 'Roy, Frank and I were in the pub one day talking about Keswick and how it is the best Film Festival and we said - let's do something for their 10th birthday - let's make them a short film.'

With the help of the Keswick Drama Group and the drama course at Cumbria University about 14 people were rustled up for auditions the following week , a bus was hired for the set and filming happened the next weekend. So the film has been made entirely with local non-professional actors, filmed in the area. Over the next couple of weeks filming will be finished and the film put together so it can be premiered at the festival.

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