Saturday, 20 February 2016

Accommodation, Penrith Events and Travel News

There are some great hotel deals after half-term. If you are living in Cumbria you can stay in the lovely hostel in Borrowdale, Barrow House, half price, subsidised by the Flood Fund. Or Denton House is in the town and has vacancies throughout the Festival. Unfortunately the YHA hostel is closed after flooding.

We are having some activities in Penrith too this year. The Soup Shop in the Devonshire Arcade is hosting events on Friday and Saturday. We will be showing the short films there and Blue Jam will have a childrens' orchestra there on Saturday morning.

Transport is improving and buses are running along the 591 through Dunmail Raise now. The Virgin Trains offer continues with 30% off Advance Off-Peak fares.

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