Monday, 6 February 2012

Osprey Short Films

After hours of viewings and weeks of deliberating, the panel of judges have decided on the selection of short films to be screened at the 13th Keswick Film Festival.

Once again all the judges were very impressed with the quality of film making talent in the region and found it incredibly difficult to leave out any of the film submitted to the competition. Unfortunately there is only time to show a certain number of films and the following will be screened in The Alhambra on Saturday 25th February at 2pm:

Under 18s

  • Boxed In - Signal Films (8 mins 3 secs)
  • The Clone and Me - Matthew Wood (5 mins 5 secs)
  • The Contest - Adam Pickford (9 mins 47 secs)
  • The Shed - Jake Laurie (2 mins)

Open Category

  • Bench - Abigail Wright (3 mins)
  • Birdie - Rhys Fullerton (3 mins)
  • Far From Home - Sophie Broadgate (10 mins)
  • In Dreams - Samuel Blain (3 mins 57 secs)
  • Last Post - Ray Turner (9 mins)
  • Our Ordered Lives - Christine Entwistle (10 mins)
  • Recovery - The Slow Road - Ewan Dyer (3 mins 51 secs)
  • The POW - John Hamnlett (9 mins 47 secs)
  • Young Mum - Deborah Sweeney (9 mins 34 secs)

From these films the Golden, Silver and Bronze Osprey Short Film Award will be presented to the winners in each category.

More details on the shortlisted films will be added to the website soon.

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