Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunny Days

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Hope the weather doesn’t stay like this. Clear blue sky, hot sun, snowy tops, perfect reflections on the lake. You’ll all be walking up a fell instead of watching a film! Can I remind those of you who have bought passes – you will need to book a (free) ticket to guarantee getting in to the Studio for Wagner and the Main House for John Hurt ‘In Conversation’.

It’s strange how the news has boosted our programme this year. John Hurt received his BAFTA between us inviting him to Keswick, and the Festival. Now the Guardian’s leading story yesterday about action under the Freedom of Information Act which has revealed that in 2010 an out of court settlement to child asylum seekers who were wrongly detained as adults of over £1m was made. In spite of agreement by the government that this was illegal, the Guardian has data suggesting this is still continuing. On Saturday at 9.30 at the Theatre by the Lake come and see the Dispatches programme The Kids Britain Doesn’t Want and hear Clare Sambrook, journalist and writer and Rachel Seifert, director discuss the issue.

And then stay and see lots more films – and ok, if you want to walk round the lake we don’t mind really. After all, we can do it any day!

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