Saturday, 16 February 2013

What Are You Going To See Next Saturday?

We asked our programmer, David Miller, to guide you through Saturday at the Festival.

Saturday sees a jam packed programme and the welcome return of Rheged as an official venue.  For early risers and those interested in human rights, Stealing A Nation at the Theatre at 09.30 is a thought-provoking start to the day with speakers from the Chagossian Support Group,  as is the film that follows - Back To The Square.  For all the family there is Rise of the Guardians at the Alhambra at 10.30. This is a free entry  - available from the cinema.  This film is a first time screening in Keswick and is a brilliant story told through use of stunning animation. Short-film makers then have the opportunity to compete for the Osprey awards and for those who love short-films this is a golden chance to see some superb presentations. Alternatively, at Rheged there are two quite magnificent films and with use of the IMAX screen will be truly glorious.  Chasing Ice and Nostalgia For The Light are multi-award winners and both take our planet as the core of their story but in contrasting content and style. Simultaneously at the Theatre there is a meditation on the passing of time in the haunting Found Memories.

Late afternoon is a straight choice between the life-affirming bio-pic, Rupture or the award-winning Good Vibrations. One is the true story of how Bond girl Maryam D’abo survived a brain haemorrhage and the other tells the story of Belfast music legend Terri Hooley, making full use of the music he helped create. Early evening is another humdinger of a choice - Patron John Hurt’s pick, Tulpan, introduced by our patron, or one of the most intense dramas you are likely to see, The Wave.   Saturday closes with our John Hurt special, Owning Mahowny with John doing a Q&A after the film, or the equally brilliant depiction of boarding-school life, Evil.

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