Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What Are You Going To See on Friday?

We asked our programmer, David Miller, to guide you through the first full day of the Festival.

Friday begins with the either the story of one of the most iconic photographs ever taken (Men at Lunch) or a depiction of youthful Iranians (Circumstance) that actually shows that country as it is. After that the choice really heats up! Israel (Yossi), America (Scent of a Woman) or Japan (I Wish)? Human drama, Oscar winning classic or charming children?  Early evening sees the pupils of St Herbert’s school present their Story of St Kentigern performing music with a film they have made. There is also a visit by renowned doctor Lucy Mathen, who will present her film, Junction For Having Fun and finally at the Alhambra there is the searing drama about the effects of bullying, Play. Friday closes with another three-way choice - cult American horror in a special new version hosted by co-director Russell Cherrington (Nightbreed - the Cabal Cut), the gripping story of an Iranian woman who goes missing (About Elly from the maker of award winning A Separation) or the stunning portrayal of the effects of social networking (Suicide Room).  And that is just the first full day!

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